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Welcome to Barkers Barbers

Barkers Barbers, is a home-based, small business and the person you speak to is the person who will be grooming your dog. Grooming is by appointment only because eliminating distraction by walk-ins, creates a safer grooming environment

Barkers Barbgers is located just around the corner from the Griffin off-leash dog park and childrens playground, and approximately ten minutes drive from Westfield North Lakes shopping centre and Murummba Downs shopping centre, and 5 minutes, from Griffin's, Cafe 63

Typically, grooming salons operating from commercial premises generally move their client dogs in and out of cages to suit the workflow of multiple groomers. So apart from the time needed to groom the dog, the rest of its stay is confined in a cage, which could be up to 8 hours. This caging process creates anxiety and stress which is further exacerbated by the barking and whining of the other dogs. At Barkers Barbers, I offer a true one-on-one, personalised service. Dogs are dropped off at the appointed time, groomed immediately and then collected by the owner. Owners can choose to relax in the courtyard alongside the salon (complimentary wifi!) while their dog is groomed or they may choose to leave and return for pick-up at the advised time.

My professional standard salon is fitted out with all the latest modern equipment. I specialize in small to medium-large sized dogs, Barkers Barbers does groom large dogs, depending on personality and breed. As these dogs are generally stronger, for everyone's safety I arrange appointments so that I have an assistant present, and at a time when there will be no other dogs in the salon.

So have a browse through my website, check out the services I offer and I hope to hear from you soon.


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mini-grooms, full-grooms, puppy intro to groomings, includes bathing service.

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