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we offer a full dog grooming service. Whether you require a full body clip, a tidy up, a groom out or a bath we can assist. Your dog will only need to stay in our salon for the time it takes us to groom them. Price is dependent on the size and condition of your pet which may affect the time it will take to complete. Due to the differing size & coat types of most dogs, we are able to give you an estimate of cost over the phone, however a quote will be given to you once we have seen your dog. PLEASE NOTE: Prices are a guide only; quotes will be given once we have seen your dog. Any dogs presented with knots, matting, fleas, are excessively dirty or take longer to groom due to behaviours will incur a higher fee.


We offer many options for people wanting their dog’s coat to be clipped. Whether you are wanting a short summer clip, or leaving the coat up to an inch long*, we can help. We pride ourselves on being a salon very different to other dog grooming salons. We are focused on using safe, natural products & gentle grooming techniques. We provide high quality grooms and advice on how to maintain your dog’s coat in the best condition. We only use products that are all natural, paraben & sulphate free. During the cooler months, some people opt to let their dogs coat grow a little longer. Longer coats require more maintenance to avoid knots and tangles developing into matts. Let us help you maintain your dog’s coat at the best length for you to enjoy at home. A tidy up is a great option between full clips, when you want to keep the length of your dog’s coat, but tidy around the feet, face, sanitary area and tail. We are often booked up at least 4 weeks in advance, 4-6 weeks during the warmer months, so please phone to make your booking as soon as possible! We highly recommend a regular appointment every 4-8 weeks to ensure your dog’s coat is kept in the best possible condition. Our clipping service includes a wash with all natural shampoo, condition if necessary, cleaning ears, cutting nails, full blow dry, brushing through the coat and a full body clip that removes length off the whole coat.Our clipping service includes *length of clip depends on the condition of your dog’s coat. If there is any matting or knots, we may need to do a shorter clip on your dog. A guide to our prices is below.

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