with Towel Dry

Your dog's nails will first be clipped and ears cleaned. Then your dog will be washed in a warm water hydrobath with a tearless everyday shampoo massaged deep into the fur. After a fresh water rinse, the coat is revitalised with a natural based conditioner for normal skin types that will restore the coats natural lustre, add additional moisture into the coat and invigorate the skin. If you have a special medicated shampoo required for your dog, feel free to bring it along for use in the hydrobath. The coat will then be towel dried. Includes perfume and bow.

  • small - $15
  • medium - $20
  • large - $25
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with Blow Dry

Same inclusions as the hydrobath with towel drying, but with the addition of a hand dry with a warm air blow dryer (10 minutes) to provide that extra bit of drying before car travel. Additional blow drying time can be purchased. Additional blow drying may be purchased in 10 minute intervals for all sizes - $10

  • small - $25
  • medium - $30
  • large - $35
  • X-large - $40
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Tidy Up

The tidy up grooming package includes the bathing service (with complete blow dry) as well as a hygiene clip (pads, bottom, groin area), and scissor trim of face, ears, tail and feet. This package is perfect for short-haired breeds or as an intermediate tidy up for long-haired breeds between full groomings.

  • small - from $50
  • medium - from $60
  • large - from $70
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The Complete Groom

The complete groom package includes the tidy up service above as well as either a full-body clip (based on the owner's preferences) OR coat groom out. The groom out service is suited to dogs with double coats, thicker coats or those who shed regularly and involves the removal of your dog's undercoat and loose fur through handbrushing with specialist grooming tools.

  • small - from $65
  • medium - from $75
  • large - from $85
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