How long do I need to leave my dog for grooming?

I aim to have your dog  groomed as quickly as possible, however working with animals means this will not always go to plan.
  • For small dogs , allow for approximately 3 hours maximum.
  • If you bring in 2 animals allow for 3 hours.
  • Large dogs may require 3-4+hours, depending on what work is required.

We like to have dogs in the store for the shortest time possible, however if you have to work or have other things to do while your pet is with us, we can normally accommodate this. Please ensure you discuss this with us when you make your booking.

My dog is highly strung or energetic - will he sit still to be groomed?

We recommend taking your dog for a walk prior to coming into the salon. There is a dog park and walkway conveniently placed one block from Barkers Barbers. You can park at Barkers Barbers and take your dog for a walk prior to entering the salon

Can I drop my dog off early for their appointment?

In most cases we can accommodate early drop offs. Please ensure you discuss this with us when you make your booking.

How do I bring my dog to the store?

Please ensure your dog is wearing a lead and collar and not allowed to walk in on their own. Dogs need to be under control for the whole time they are in our store to avoid any accidents.  

Can I stay and watch?

Every effort will be made to ensure your pet is groomed as safely as possible. Often pets behave much better when the owner is absent or theyare not aware of their owner’s presence. You are welcome to watch, however please be discreet. If you decide to stay, please do not allow your pet to see you or talk to it as this encourages the pet to move and wiggle which makes the groom take longer and can cause accidents to happen.

My dog has skin issues, can you use Malaseb?

If your vet has advised that this be used then we can provide Malaseb shampoo as an optional extra.

Does my dog have to stay in a crate?

For the health and safety of all the dogs & groomers, we keep every dog in a crate anytime they are not having hands on grooming, however cage use is minimal as we schedule appointments so that we are dealing with one client at a time.