Natural Australian Products

All natural, Australian products. Recommended by veterinarians & cruelty free, they contain botanical extracts that are tearless & hypoallergennic

No extra charge

No extra charge for hypoallergenic, medicated, or whitening shampoos. Bree carefully chooses products to suit each individual dog.

Gentle Grooming

5+ years experience, trained in first aid for dogs

Grooming from$45

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Includes hypoallergenic shampoo, warm Hydrobath, blow dry, nails trimmed, clipping & scissored face, feet abd tail;.

$40 for small dogs, $50 for medium and $60 for large

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Tidy Upsfrom$25

For in-between visits to the groomer.  Includes hair removed from eyes and sanitary areas and brush out.

$25 small dogs, $30 medium and $35 large.

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includes hypoallergenic shampoo with natural extracts, brush out, towel dry and finishing off with a blow dry and perfume.

$15 small dogs, $20 medium and $25 large.

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why should you take your dog to barker's barbers?

Because my mission is to love and care for each and every dog that walks through our door just like I would want someone to take care of my furbaby, and too allow them to leave looking wonderful and feeling great.  That's why my motto is

Tails Are Wagging And Dogs Are Bragging

  • Prime Quality Treats

    Every dog likes to feel appreciated

    For reluctant dogs I reward them for participation in the grooming process with lots of praise and if they really need it, a treat.

  • 100 Percent Guarantee

    Cruelty free and no to cage drying

    I  operate a 'cruelty free' grooming policy which minimizes stress on your fur friend and allows them to build their trust with me and promotes a healty relationship with humans.

  • Local Groomer

    Benefits Of Barkers Barbers

    As a small business I provide individual one on one sessions, so I am personally assured that your pet is well-treated and respected.  No waiting around in cages for hours on end in stressful environments.  Because I'm not a backyard groomer I priorities safety first for my clients (2 and 4 legged), unlike "backyard" groomers in working out of their driveway which is not safe if your precious pup runs into the street.  Remember to ask if your groomer has liability insurance.

  • $120 dollar shampoo!?

    Because I genuinely care about the comfort and safety of dogs, I invest in premium supplies, and your dog is guaranteed to recieve the best of the best that is naturally safe and that means I absorb the price to provide quality shampoos to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and soap in the eyes..

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